Art to Reflect On

Who are you?
Have you heard the artistic calling from deep within; shouting “let me out!”
The voice that cries out in the dark of night. The one left unanswered so that you may rest in peace through your life. The normalcy of it all left undisturbed, a mausoleum with yourself interred within your room, or your house; perhaps your city, or neighborhood.
Do you hear the voice saying you are more than the life you are living? Are you a person who answers a call to save yourself, or are you the one who ignores it. Drowns the voices out with liquors, and parties. Distracts the voice with work and movies. Perhaps you wish to act but all too often gets paralyzed with fears, and worries. Do you build up walls to keep your soul locked away? If you build the walls thick enough perhaps the voices will fade behind the stone and you can rest in peace. Do you tear down the walls, break through to the other side in a quest to find that which the voice originates?

What is your art? Do you sing, dance, write, draw… What makes you come alive, what makes you smile, and forget that passage of time? What makes you burn with the forces of the universal sun. What creation are you bringing into the world? What is it you are trying to say? If for too long you’ve ignored the little voice inside, shouting to be let out, you will one day wake up from your sleep and find that voice crying for help is your own, and it’s everyone else who is ignoring you. No can answer that call but yourself.

Where are you going? Do you look to the past for guidance on the future, or do you look to the future to find a way out? Where do you need to go to find peace, where are you safe and where is it quiet. In this labyrinth of life, are you looking for the center, or the escape. Are you running from the deadly Minotaur roaming the corridors, or are you seeking to locate the treasure deep within? No matter where you think you are headed, or what you are headed for, once you enter the labyrinth the only way to go is forward.

Why? Art is an expression of yourself, of your soul. When you do something from within the center of the present moment, you are working gracefully and artistically. Your soul is the make-up of everything that you are. Art is a mirror of yourself, and of your soul. If you keep everything that you are locked away inside yourself, then everything outside of yourself becomes everything you are not. If the world is full of infinite possibilities, but you see yourself as outside of that, you limit yourself. Through art you channel the creative forces of the universe through yourself to pour your soul outside of yourself, in order to create something new and beautiful into the world.

A song, a dance, a drawing, an unnoticed and unread blog post.

You extend your soul out into the everything else beyond yourself, you immerse yourself in everything that you are not, and may eventually come to see the everything else of the world is truly a part of you, the art is just tearing down the boundaries. Art empties you into the expression you are making, and the beautiful creation of the artwork reflects yourself back to show you that you are created beautifully. Art pours your soul outside and creates something new, which frees up space inside for something new to be created from a world of infinite possibilities. It doesn’t matter if others see the art, creating anything artful is never truly for others, but for the self.

When do I practice my art? Right now! Forget the past, everything that’s happened is already over.
Forget the future, who cares what people may say, or what will happen, if anything. It is something one will never know until is DOES happen. everything only happens right now, in this moment. Art can only be created right now.

How do you express yourself? Art is any means of expression, it is the words on a page, the person on the stage, the paintbrush or marker on a paper, the bow on the string.
Whatever you do that makes you forget everything else is art.
Whatever you do for yourself is art. Whatever is done for its own sake is art.
Whatever is done to inspire is art.
Whatever is graceful, and beautiful is art.
Whatever is True, is art.

Whatever you are, is art.


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