The Beginning of Everything, and the Mountain

Begin at the beginning, they say.

In the beginning there was nothing. A void. Existence in perpetual Darkness. Yet the darkness was never alone, because dark is only an absence of light. As nothing is only quantified by a lack of something. Hidden deep within this all encompassing black veil of negative ‘space’ was a lone flame made up of everything. From out of the dark-field of Nothing came a lone flower of Light. The light was always there, as a seed, waiting for its chance to grow. For there could not be darkness without light

The light was always there. Just as nothing can’t exist without something; Darkness is only so relative to the light. the inverse is true as well. The light is only so by grace of the Darkness. These two are inseparable. One might look at light and dark; at everything and nothing, and see two things. This assumption of multiplicity would be a mistake. A misstep on the path to categorically comprehend everything.

These two cannot exist independently, because they are the same, and come from the same source.

So in the beginning there was ONE. One thing, which became two things, which became four things… and it all went downhill from there.

In the beginning there was a mountain of Love, and from the mountain’s existence came a desert at the bottom called hate, and it all went downhill from there. It may sometimes be an uphill battle, we may have lost perspective from being down at the bottom of the mountain, in the desert for so long, yet there is now nowhere to go but up. the climb and the fight to the top is always hard. It’s the difficulty of the journey that gives value to the destination. No goal is worthy unless it is worked for. And the ascent up this impossible Mountain is the most worthy goal. Battling uphill may be a dangerous way to fight, but from the top of the mountain, the view allows One to see everything.

It’s the most unique perspective, to see everything as One.


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