The Dark, Within

We’ve been fooled all along.

We’ve allowed ourselves to fall so far into delusion we remain unable to escape. Following this white rabbit has only led us into a dark hole that seemingly has no end. We have lost ourselves in the darkness. We got turned around and have completely fallen of the path.

Turning back would be the same as going forward, as at this point we no longer know which way is what. Sitting still is the only way out. Yet because of our hope, we keep pressing on, as we hope and believe we will eventually locate the end of this rabbit hole. Whether we find the beginning, or the end it makes no difference now. The end has become the beginning has become the end. Stillness means death.

We dream of light, of making it forever out of this place.
-Keep Dreaming- you say…

This darkness is pervasive. It is consuming us and becoming us. The more time spend wandering these dark halls; the further we wander this blackened path, the more we relate to the dark.
In the end, we will become it.

Hopes and dreams are the only lights we now have left. Outside all is darkness. The remaining lights only come from within.

Against the all encompassing shadows, even those lights begin to fade. The dark creeps forward, encroaching what little light is left. Slowly, our dreams begin to die. And with the dreams, so to our hopes.

More and more I consider giving up. Giving up is death,
You gave up and I couldn’t see you… couldn’t save you. You were so still, when you died.

Sometimes I feel so alone in this darkness. It’s often hard to believe I’m not, because I know You are with me.
I love you, as I know you loved me.
I find solace in the fact
We love each other.
If nothing else, We can still see that.


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