A Villainous Monologue

Time is running out.

Whatever you are looking to do, best do it now. Soon, there will be no time left. Any plans you have, best set them in motion. Soon, it will all come to an end.

Waiting, watching. How long will your vigil last? How long can you stand idly by while the howls call for you? The dark approaches, and still you sit still. The dead are restless. Can’t you hear them screaming? You will. Soon you join them.
What makes you think will prevail against what is to come? Things will be hopeless for you. Run while you can.

Or fight me now, and end it. You cannot win. Your watch has left you weakened. Exhausted from the long hours standing guard. You will be crushed, defeated. But only after you witness everything you know burnt and destroyed. Your vigil was your downfall, so focused on what is ahead, out there,  you never noticed what came up from behind. The dead warned you.

Surrender is no longer an option to you. You had your chance. All that’s left now, is to accept your fate.

Your only saving grace, when it happens, it will be quick. I respect you, you know.
Stubborn to the end. Unbent, though you remain, you will be broken. Snapped as a brittle piece of iron, and tossed into the fires to be reforged.

Can you hear the dead now?  Nothing is left for you. I will miss you, after a fashion.
You have served your purpose.
Say goodbye to everything you know.

Now, Time has run out.


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