Keep Writing

There is only one True tip for all the aspiring writers, so I’ve been told.
Keep Writing.

Whether as a paid writer, a famous, well known writer, or simply a passionate unknown writer posting on an unnoticed blog, One action will differentiate the wheat from the chaff. That is to Keep writing.

All other tricks, and cheats are meaningless, superfluous to the act of writing itself. Only one thing meets the criteria of being both necessary, and sufficient. That is to Keep Writing. Everywhere one can find the secrets to increase the number of page hits, hints to pick up followers. Rules and guidelines that must meticulously be met if one seeks to earn the esteemed title of a ‘Writer’.

A writer is an artist, and an artist will break the rules when it interferes with the art. The artist will push the boundary so that the boundaries within himself may be pushed. The artist lives life on the edge. Only one day, eventually, even the edge gets boring, trivial, repetitive. On that day, the artist picks himself up and he keeps traveling beyond. He keeps writing.

The writer is separated from the would-be. the aspiring one, not on the quality of the work or the number of reads, but in the creative act of doing.  The writer is only such so long as he writes. When the writing stops, so to does he stop being as such. I don’t mean the time in between writings, I mean the time when the writings cease entirely. So Keep Writing.

The action of writing is what liberates the writer. Trapped inside the body, he lives a pallid, anguished existence. To free him requires continual work. The writer can no longer see very well, can no longer walk very well, confined as he has been for the uncountable time. It is a long journey to freedom, and it must be taken but one step at a time. One written word at a time.

It does not matter what the subject is, or what is being written about, so long as something is being written, the person is being the writer; The once imprisoned artist, seeking to find freedom, beyond the edge of his life. If the journey is given up, the artist will be lost. The writer will wither, forever imprisoned in his hellish shackles. So keep writing.

Once the journey begins, there is no end to find. The path travels infinitely onward, in infinite directions. The artists path for freedom never ends, but if the artist keeps writing eventually he may come to see he was always free. If one never gives up writing, they will come to see they have been a Writer all along.

All it takes on the journey is one step at a time.
Word. After. Word.
Just Keep Writing.


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