Leap of Faith

Looking out over the edge, my heart picked up speed. Like a plane on a runway, it raced to a achieve a higher pace. The adrenaline pumping through me left my hands shaking. The vision of the drop made the call of death a sweet song, encouraging me to dance along; take a step and fall down to my fate. Calm down my mind said, this isn’t your first date.

Taking a slow half-step forward, my foot scraped against the dried earth that is all I know. The ground offering resistance, trying to hold me back, before I take a step too far. Dust swirled up around my leg, as a ghostly hand trying to pull me down. From this height, the wind is strong and blows the dust away. A divine breath blowing out candles, the ghosts fade. The wind at my back, encouraging me to step out and join it in the sky.

Picking up a stone, I hurl it as hard as I can out into the distance. The stone soars, momentarily seeming to defy all odds it takes flight. Surprised by my sudden throw, gravity was caught unprepared. Taking back control, the stone quickly begins its descent. plunging towards the earth. A meteorite about to crash down, impacting the world and causing all life as it is now to end.

I’m ready to leave this life behind anyway. One last look down the cliffs edge, I see the sheer drop. So small down below, it really feels like everything is insignificant. I don’t belong here. I know deep down in my soul that I am important.

Taking several steps backwards, I move away from the edge. Into the past that’s behind me, I look over my life. The path that has brought me to this moment. I go through it all again. Nothing can stop me now. I’ve down a lot of bad things in my life, it has always kept me down, afraid to climb this mountain to these dizzying heights. The mistake of my past, a ghost attempting to hold me back. I try to do some good, but what I try to do doesn’t always work out. None of that matters now, it’s all about to end.

Like a Divine wind, I rush forward. One step flowing into the next. Picking up speed I race towards the edge. A plane on a runway, I am ready to take off. Step by step I approach the end of the earth, feet dancing towards my death. When the ground turns into nothing is where I vault. Jumping with all of my might. I know I might fall, but maybe I’ll fly. Either way, everything I know is about to change.

Into the future, I take a leap of faith.


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