This Is For You

This is for the downcast.
The lost, forgotten souls.
These words are for the ones who slip between the cracks. The fallen hearts.

Anyone who has ever felt sad. If you feel hated, or you hate how you feel.
Those that only hate others and the ones that have never known love.
This is for the anyone who do not have anyone to love them.
Anyone who has someone they love, or has lost a loved one.
This is for anyone who doesn’t feel anything… I feel for you.

Whether you are guilty of some sin; whether you are innocent, this is for you.
This is for the worn down, the beaten up, the played out, and the worn-in.
Broken people, or whole lives.
For the intelligent, the ignorant, the deceitful, and the disillusioned; this is for you.

We look at the world as being separate from us. You are not Me, so you are automatically given second-tier relative to me.
The world lives our lives like an alphabet, where I comes before You.
We have it backwards. It’s a mirror image, so truly, You come first.
We are all in this world together, we all deal with the same global problems. We all have the same emotional needs.

This is for anyone that resonated to the opening lines of this post. Anyone that has ever felt anything that was listed above… I have experienced every one of those qualifications. I know what you are going through. You are human, as am I.

So then, why would ‘I’ put myself before ‘You’? Why would we look at ourselves as above anyone else?
I felt those things. At the end of the day, I have noone to blame for any ignorance or hatred but myself.
The love that I feel for you stems from the love I have for me.
I am responsible for myself, and my own actions; but it is for you that those actions are done.
I create my own meaning, but it is to you that I give meaning. It is because of You, that I am human.

At the end of the day, I am nothing without you. Everything I do is for You

Everyone that has read this far; everyone that will never read these words…
Everyone that is living, and everyone that has died…
Everyone feeling alive, and everyone that’s dead inside…

This is for You:
You mean Everything to me. You are my world.
I Love You.


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