Destination Unknown

In the car we drive nowhere. On the long and empty roads, no one else nearby to be seen. Cruising through the lonely world around us, we are driven to enjoy each others company. Destination without direction, because there is no place else we would rather be. Passengers in each others life, the driver being both you, and me.

The radio a quiet whisper. Barely heard songs of nothing; being played slightly out of tune. The music, though low, is constant. A soft playlist of one hit nothing after next, helping to set our mood. It does not matter what is playing, to us it all sounds the same. When we’re in the car with one another, the only song is Nothing Else Matters.

The speed of the ride moves rather slow, though it seems to travel quite fast gazing through the car’s window. Together, the outside flies by, when we have nowhere to go. The engine is quiet, purring gently like a contented cat. Nothing missing in the machine that powers out drive, everything’s built perfectly. The kitty lies idle, nothing more wanting in life. It’s the driver eager to see what’s ahead of us, we idly step on the throttle.
Everything in our life is a well oiled machine, the pistons in this ride continually firing sparks in the space between you and me. So long as the fuel remains for the sparks to ignite.

The gas tank begins to run low, like a book running out of a story. Driving all night, the road nears its end. Turning a corner, we spot familiar territory. Turning the corner, you’re eager to leave; I can see the emotion written on you like a letter, never sent. You know that the house where you live is around the next bend. Once you leave this car, I drive off. From all that I’ve read, we will never ride together again.

The journey was amazing. I would never trade our ride to waste time. Traveling without destination was liberating, not knowing where we were headed next was truly exhilarating.
Our ride together, brought me to the point I was more than ‘me’. We were together, it was an experience on the road that led to pure transcendence.
Dropping you off, you head inside to your home.
While I peel off, driving nowhere, alone.


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