Mind Control

PROMPT INSPIRED: You can control the minds of people with almost no effort, but you only want to do one thing with your power.
From across the table, the eyes of hate burned like fire.

“I don’t know why I agreed to this! It was obviously a huge mistake!” The voice attached to those eyes spoke. The young woman, Cassidy rose from her seat, “And another thing, what makes you think that I would sleep with you just because I agreed to this date? You’re disgusting!” Her voice was a whisper as slim as paper to avoid attention, yet carrying the weight of a sword. She had done this before, and Cassidy knew how to avoid making a scene. The armor Max wore around his heart crumbled against her verbal assault. This wasn’t their first date, nor was this the first time she had rebelled like this. He was beginning to lose his patience.

Sit down, Max projected his thoughts at her. You want to finish this date. She was his to control. Like a child playing with his toys, Max had the power here and he was not about to let her walk away. Cassidy slumped back down into her seat. The look of hate replaced with one of confusion.

To Max, she was beautiful. A goddess. With his ability he was a God among mortals. She belonged to him. At least she will, soon enough. “I… ugh… What’s happening?” Cassidy struggled to speak. They always had difficulties when Max was exerting his ‘influence’. He had learned the best way was subtle touches. A nudge here, a push there. If he held on for too long the subject always became aware of his presence, or the presence of some unknown force. Staring at Cassidy, Max lost all sense of control. He wanted her. you are enjoying yourself. A smile came onto Cassidy’s face. For a moment she looked as if she were enjoying herself. Then her eyes shifted onto a look of confusion. She held the confusion like a lifeline, trying to fill in the blanks of her memory and logic. She had a strong will. Max admired that.

“You were telling me about your work” suggested Max. After a moments thought, she took the bait.

“As I was saying, working with children is difficult.” Her voice slipped into a melodic tone. Max could tell this was a subject very close to her. “Each one of the kids has to discover things on their own. They’re at the age where the world is one big discovery. It’s challenging, because as much as I would like to give them the answers they have to find it for themselves. I merely am there to guide them. If I simply tell them exactly what to do, it would be meaningless for them. These kids mean a lot to…”

Before she could finish, the waiter came to the table with a black checkbook. “Your bill, Sir. Will that be cash, or Credit today?” asked the wiry man in the cheap black suit. Max slipped into the man’s mind with ease I have already paid.

“Thank… you…. most kindly… for the generous tip.” The man regained his composure, “the two of you have a great evening” The man turned and strode away, slipping through the doors into the kitchen.

Max turned his attention back to Cassidy. “When you teach the class, you must feel like a God to those children. All powerful. I imagine it is quite the sensation. I’ll tell you what, why don’t we carry this conversation back to my place. I have some wine there, it will be fun.”

Cassidy took on a deep look, as if she were searching through her memories. “I don’t think that would be a good idea. I’ve had a pleasant enough time Max, but I have class in the morning. I should really be going home.” That wasn’t a request, come back to my house.

“I… you know what, sure. It could be fun.” Cassidy put on her coat and strode towards the door with Max in tow. A mischievous smile playing on his face. Grabbing her hand with his, Max walked down the streets of the city with Cassidy. Everything felt right. Working up the courage, Max brought the two of them to a stop and turned towards Cassidy.

“You know, I think I love you.”

Immediately she pulled her hand away from his, and Max felt a piece of him taken with it. “What the hell is the matter with you?!” She spat at him the emotions suppressed throughout the evening exploding out in one moment. “You don’t love me, you don’t even know me! I met you this morning. Leave me alone, you creep.”

You don’t feel that way, you love me. Say you love me. “I will never love you, and nothing will change that.”

“SAY YOU LOVE ME!!” Max shouted into the night. The forcefulness of his voice caused Cassidy to take a step backward. Now Max was angered. “You think this is our first date? We’ve gone out nearly every night for the past 3 weeks. I know everything there is to know about you. I know who you are, and the type of person you want to be. I love you, and I mean that. Now, Tell me you love me too!”

If Cassidy was confused before, she was dumbstruck now. She had no idea what he was talking about. “That’s imposs…” She managed to spit out, her words trailing off as she flipped through her memories. She wouldn’t find any memories, Max knew. Just blanks, and holes. Max had taken steps to ensure she wouldn’t remember his control.

“You know it’s true. You can’t remember anything, can you? I had your memories erased. This isn’t the first time we’ve had this conversation, but it hasn’t gotten quite so heated previously. I will tell you this one time. I’ve been controlling you. I have a power over you, and over everyone else. While the rest of the world are just humans, I am something more. I am a God. You must do whatever I want you to. I can control your mind. Love me.” Love me

Max wasn’t sure what made him decide to tell her the truth now. He considered that maybe on some level her felt bad for deceiving her these past few weeks. Cassidy’s anger at Max made him feel like her was taking advantage of her. After a second’s consideration, he disregarded that thought. It is not taking advantage to use the abilities he was given. He had no choice in having this power. While Max was thinking, Cassidy was having some contemplation of her own. She was completely rendered speechless for several moments. Her mind quickly at work piecing together everything Max said with everything she knew. Max knew she believed him.

“I don’t know if I believe you, but let me make one thing clear to you. I don’t love you. I will NEVER love you. And If I see you again, I will kill you.”

“How can you not love me, after everything I’ve done to you, and for you.” Max said, tears welling in his eyes.

“You can’t make someone love you. You can control their thoughts, minds or even their actions all you want; but you can’t control their hearts. If you tell people what to do, it is meaningless for them. They have to discover it for themselves. Now leave me alone!”

With that Cassidy strode off. Max watched her walk away, too pained to chase after her. He had never felt this heartbreak before. Max was a god. He had powers and abilities beyond any other human. Yet with all his power and all his might, Max could not find anyone to love him.

It was lonely, being a God.


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