The Reason For Nonsense

I am a very serious person.
Just ask anyone that knows me, and they will tell you I take Nothing very seriously. Serious follows me, like a dog. My own guide for the blind. I’m serious like a celestial entity in the sky. Because I only get serious when it’s dark inside, and a disconnect appears between what I want to see, and the truth of how something is percieved. I’m Sirius, like the stars. A guiding light shining ever so bright.

When life turns to night, and the dark takes over, we usually say to ourselves that ‘everything happens for a reason’.
Everything that has already happened can be reasoned out. Hindsight is 2020, while I didn’t see at the time, I know now why my first girlfriend left me. I wasn’t happy in that relationship. Focused as I was on her, I forgot one half of that relationship. I forgot all about me. My mood became heavy. It brought her down, and she left. I can see that now.

Everything happening this moment can be reasoned with, and influenced. My influence as a writer, I can stop this writing dead in its tracks.

My writings on nothing to make you wish my words would end up coming right back.

The world around us appears to be a world of cause and effect. A world of logic and a world that makes sense, if one looks hard enough at all the fine details. At the root of it is a single branching path. Every action done with regard to either the past or the future can be distilled down to one of two causes.

Hope, and Fear. The Pleasure and pain principle.
When you do something, are you doing the action either because you hope for a good result, or out of fear of a bad one? Every action is based on one of the two causes, and creates an innumerable number of effects. I write this speech because I hope you and I may both learn something valuable from it. On the other hand I rarely go swimming at night, because I fear a shark (or some oceanic monstrosity) will pull me into the cold abyss below. Which is an odd fear, considering it also applies to an evening dip in a swimming pool. (From what I know, Sharks avoid chlorinated water.)

Yet Hope and fear are tied irrevocably together. What is pleasurable is only so is relation to what is painful, while what is painful is because it is not pleasurable. One does not exist without the other. They create a circle, of one flowing in to the other, flowing into the one. This circle is created as chain link. I am addicted to scratch tickets. I buy them because I hope I win enough money to live comfortably. Yet I want to win, because deep down I worry my finances are balanced precariously. One bad day would leave me destitute.

Every action is based off another action, a building up of the chain of events binding this time to the past time. This time needs to be better than the last time, as that time is over and done with. We reached the highest peak of the chain, and the only way to go forward is to go upward, and add another link.
It needs to be better, it needs to be more, it needs to top the last.

Looking at life this way, one can get the sense that it is almost a drug, and living it causes unexpected side effects. One dose, and you’ll be caught forever chasing the next hit, the next high. You peak, and eventually you come down, which means you need to look for something that causes you to go higher.

But what happens when one decides to willfully go downwards, instead of up?

As one delves into the forgotten corners of their mind, they sink into a dark oceanic abyss of a world where reason no longer holds any sway. Where the rules no longer apply, and where the only type of sense that makes any sense is a certain type of non-sense. A sixth sense where everything happens for no reason. A world where you can act independently from everything else. A simple world where you are free of the bindings of hope and fear. Instead of an effect causing you to act for a thing, or because of a thing, you are free to do something for its own sake alone. Like singing, not to impress anyone… but purely for the sake of singing alone.

Now if none of this makes any sense, that’s because it’s all nonsensical. I always say the purest form of sense is nonsense. Common sense isn’t so common, what one person sees as common, another might not. Common sense varies person to person, country to county. Common sense dictates we drive on the right side of the road. Try that in England. You’ll be an uncommon statistic of driving related fatalities.

The 5 senses we have, are misleading. People’s eyes are fooled by optical illusions all the time, You see one shade of colour, maybe I see another.
What do you taste, is this salty or sweet? Most people seem to like sushi, perhaps it’s an acquired taste, but it’s not for me.
Close your eyes and touch this, what does it feel like to you? Or on another level; that one movie touched me deeply. When the dog died, it was so sad, how could you NOT cry?! You Monster!!

I digress. All the senses we have vary. No one is the same, and all perceive everything differently. We are all unique with regards to our senses, excluding of course nonsense. None of the other senses are universally equal.

Nonsense is the only sense shared by all of humanity. What is nonsense to me is nonsensical to you as well. Which reminds me of a quote:

“A good friend is like an apple. Both are fond of the letter 64.”

Now that statement is nonsensical. I made is up to have no meaning.
Reading the above ‘quote’ likely confused you as a blind man grasping at nothing. For everyone reading, we can all be confused together.

Nonsense is the perfect sense, because while all other sense divide us up into groups, and sections, and divisions; nonsense can bring us all together as one.

Life is entirely nonsensical and we are all brought together in a universal quest to make sense of what doesn’t.

Stop trying to make sense of the world, stop letting your senses colour your perception. In this paradoxical life, you look deep enough and none of it makes sense, and there is no reason that it should.

Sing for the sake of singing, dance for the sake of dancing.
Live for the Grace of Living.
Life just is what it is, and that ought to be enough for everyone.
That’s just my two cents.


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