Writers Block (The Creative Soul Rape

Writer’s Block. The two little words that form the foundation becoming a bane to (possibly) every wordsmith that builds prose. Two inconsequential words alone, when put together fuse to create an antipathy felt towards the unfinished written creation. Felt towards the block in place that prevents the creation being created. Mostly, felt towards the writer him(or her)self for the inability to transcend beyond the wall that trespasses on the artists creativity.

Antitheses of the muse, the horrible beast that is writers block devours the writers soul. Sapping the inspiration as the vampire bat draws blood. Leaving nothing left inside, the writer tries futilely to reverse the sucking of the prose. But sucking back, the writing sucks usually how it goes. Into the trash it goes. Along with the writer’s self-esteem. Entire artistic ability gets thrown into question. Landing in the wastebasket that Lies on the floor. Full of drafts on the writer’s past lives.

At least this life on paper isn’t shredded. Though writer’s block may cause you to give up for a time on writing, that paged life… you can never forget it. Eventually some day after you forget about the block, you will reach into the wastebasket… this life of writing not fully gone, you still can get it. Back in the groove of things, paper crumpled slightly, but the lettering still legible. Picking up a pen, you can pick up and carry on right where you left off.

Writer’s block can happen at any time, to anyone. How it comes about is anyone’s guess (I’m sure studies have been done somewhere… but honestly, right this moment, I don’t care). This beast that rapes your creativity into a wholly mess can come at any time. The only thing you can say to yourself, is that you didn’t deserve it.

Perhaps being overworked, stressed, or strung-out causes the block to slip in place while your vigilant gaze on the ether of inspiration is lowered and the guard is momentarily down. Or maybe like a vampire bat, you suck too much creativity from the void in your mind. Leaking out that creativity as ink on paper, the source runs dry. Now you suck on nothing, creating nothing from this emptied out well, at least you tried.

Wherever this insufferable bastard of disincentive gestures originates from, everyone has their own methods to properly deal with him (or her). Some find a change in scenery help. A new place with a new perspective from which to write.
Maybe a break is just what the broken patient needs. A getaway from writing that has become routine; perhaps to socialize again, re-acclimatize oneself to the outside world. (Oh right, that still exists…)
More than a few just keep writing through. Sheer force of their stubborn will to write, a bull determined to break the red block that is held in place by a fighter in the bullring. Just hope you came break on through; continually trying and failing will cause your Will to be skewed by the matador. Red rover, red rover, I call that big ugly Bull over.

However you beat your writer’s block, one thing is certain. Once it has gone; you feel as empowered, as inspired, and creative as you ever had before. Like a charging Bull, nothing can stop you.
Not even yourself.



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