Strangers On a Bus

Two strangers, sitting on the bus. Fate brought you together, as soon it will break everything apart.
The journey was long, bus moving slow. All other seats being taken, you sit next to a great unknown.
A question best left unanswered, the partner for this brief ride in your life is a mystery that will remain.
Who this person is, where they came from… these questions do not matter to you.
This strangers life is their own and not wanting to bother them , you have no wish to intrude.

You say to yourself it’s a kindness. An altruistic action meant to defer respect on them.
Sitting in the silence, for the stranger, a gentle grace it feels you exude.
The stranger does the unexpected. This mystery begins to take shape.
Starting a conversation with you, this big living question, unanswered beside you, begins to start opening up.
This other person asking you questions, wants to find out more on your life.

Passing the time with their speechcraft, the stranger now never shuts up.
Not a part of your life, no reason these things should change.
Their questions left unanswered,  a mystery is what you remain.
With kind actions, you say is how you live. Another opens up to you, but for breaking the silence they’re blamed.
Selfish is your actions, living in your own small little world.
The Grace that you feel is a powerful pride. Through this busride, the stranger comes to know you as rude.


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