The Wedding Ceremony

Standing in front of the post, he seemed to become a natural extension of the building. The dark wood weighted against his back. All to be seen would come crashing down, if not for the strength of his love. A pillar of this community, everyone gathered today were wooden planks forming strong load bearing walls around the new life being built. A building and a big family. All built up, around him and another. His attitude was infectious; greeting all he guests as they arrived, they saw immediately it was to be a most joyous evening. A memory in life, to look back on with pride.

Appearance impeccable, his grey suit was freshly pressed with no wrinkles. The folds on the clothing were soft, and smooth. Outward appearance, reflecting his inner attitude.
His black dress shoes were polished brightly to the point of reflection. Were anyone’s mood downcast on the ground, his shoes became a mirror that would reveal the sky. Anyone held down, would still be looking up. Tonight they are invited to join everyone else, to spread their wings and fly.

A white shirt so pure, this evening, the stains of past life were kept away, afraid. A blue tie pours down from his neck. A waterfall of silk. A symbolic showing that the words flowing out of his mouth this evening were true. When the moment had come, he looked in the eyes of his soulmate. Without hesitation he spoke loud enough to be heard by everyone in the room; for her ears only, he softly whispered to her, “I Do.”

He was the best man this evening. The man to provide the best night for her. She was the the only one he was here for.
She was the second wooden support beam. The two of them together, lifted up this big house of family.
She was the maiden, in honour. Radiant to all, wherever she goes. To him, it was to know her. Together, their love will be honoured forever.

Dressed all in white, she was special. Her gown was tailored for her form alone from the finest white lace. She was a prism, the finest cut diamond. Taking all the colours in the world, she fused all the shades inside her. Into one colour it was melded and she showered it outwards for all to see. Two souls together as one. A white so pure, the dress was made wholly of light. When she walked down the aisle, she honoured all gathered together with a true vision of beauty and grace. Her hair arranged in a delicate display. A woven bed of flowers, a fae goddess of nature inviting the man’s soul to come forever lie down within hers.

When her turn finally came, all the emotions of light, no longer be contained rolled down her cheeks like the rain. The tears were rivers of happiness, washing away her old life. Ready to start a new. One soul together, in the bodies of two.
Starting right into the man, her eyes misted over; she knew she was looking right into her dreams.
Everyone gathered, witnessed the event. Her words were a boat floating to the man on the tearful river of hope. Her side of the ship said the words “I Do”


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