Eulogy for a Train

Waiting for your return, time loses track. The emergency break failed. Crashing into a wall. An unstoppable force meeting the immovable object. The train, derailed. The stone structure of my life stands, still. Only Now, it is cracked.

The only casualty being me. Lost in the accident, I was looking for you. The memorial for the two of us, together, being held the day after next. Maybe I’ll see you there, before I give it a rest. I will give your eulogy, if your return the favour in kind.

“Forever searching for her” I would say “unknown what I would find. She was one hell of a lady. I was at my lowest, when she left me behind. The time we shared together was special. A private train car only for two; the caboose for our personal use.
On the Train called time, it was found at the end. I’ll never forget our ride together, or what you did to me.
I am still waiting. I know you still ride this train, and I will see you, before the end. Probably at the front. Ran off with the conductor, to ogle and fondle the machinery.
Our time is over, I’ve found forgiveness for the terrible accident. I wait to see you, to return the pieces of me that you rent.”

Your turn, standing at the podium… seeing you here, makes me all numb.
You eulogize me, as I’ve fantasized you. Saying “Always looking for me, in the end I found him. It’s too late now to say I wanted to be together again. When I first found him, he was lost and alone. A sad stray puppy-dog, that I brought into my home. Only ever telling the truth was his path, what he said about the things that I did to him. It happened exactly like that.
I loved him, I see that now. I’ll spend the rest of my days seeing the train placed right on its track.
Just wait for my return, I will be coming right back.”


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