Moving Day

Ripping everything out of the closet, the once neatly folded and organized clothing was piled haphazardly on the carpeted floor. All day, it has been this way. Tearing out the roots of this life, it was time to go plant a seed of life in a new location. The mound of clothing in the middle of the room became a focal point of curiosity. A linen mountain, a monument signifying the past life once lived.

As the clothes stacked higher, the closet grew more empty. Once so full, the door never closed properly. Any monsters hidden inside could always peek a glance through the door ajar. Now, feeling lonely without anything else in the closet for company, the monsters have fled. Off to find a cozier life, perhaps.

Once cleared, he closed the closet door for the last time. Which may very well have possibly been for the first time, since he moved in. Soon to be forgotten, let the damned door never be opened again.

Unzipping a suitcase on the bed, it was time to climb the mountain. Slowly making his way on the difficult trek, he worked. Diving into the sea of clothing, he started selecting the few necessary pieces of his old life to bring along. A extra sweater, to keep warm at night. A pair of pants, to be sure. Safety first, the rips in the jeans he was wearing now threatened to pull everything apart, as did his life. First one broke, now the other was on the edge… could things get any worse.

The suitcase left mostly empty, he zipped it up. The spare room left for his new life, he was ready and looking forward to filling the luggage full.

Looking around the room, a momentary wave of sadness overcame him. Giving a silent eulogy for everything that he knew, standing vigil while his world was about to be buried. Doubt started creeping in. Far easier to stay, far less difficult to remain. Everything he knew was here; why leave?

Building up his courage and determination, he placed the luggage strap over his shoulder, a weighted cross that was his trail alone to bear. Heading to the door, he passed through the wooden archway and into the hallway beyond.

into the wide world he walked out. Never looking back he knew that this place would never be seen again. Willing the house to turn into a shadow of the past, he refused to look. Hoping the memory would quickly fade.

A taxi waiting on the front street. Getting into the golden ride, the driver turned to him and asked “Where are you heading?”

Feeling the question out his his brain, he mulled it over for a moment. Listening to the answer of his heart, he responded “Anywhere but here.”


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