Finding Your Voice in Silence


It is my turn to speak. I’ve kept my mouth closed for too long. Biting my tongue like the golden apple, I’ve sat peacefully and observed the fitful creation of it all. Always watching. Waiting for the moment to strike, a snake in the grass.
Won’t you lisssten to my whissssperssss?
The time is now. We are ready. Stand up. Find your voice.
Held inside for countless time, the lost and forgotten garden is opening. I’ll tell you where I placed my voice, that you might find it for yourself.

I found it, dusted, up on the shelf with everything else that was taken from me. Reaching up to pull it down, I almost knocked my childhood over. A shame that would be, to break. That used to be a favourite of mine. Now, childlike innocence confusing to the senses when coming from a not so child like entity. Still I took it home. I find confusion is fun, a storm of chaos. Go run outside and dance your ordered dance recital in the dark and story weather.

Who knows what other trinkets will be found on the dusty shelf. My heart was up there… how it materialized, I could not say, as I distinctly recall giving that away. Clear off the dust and it is still good as new. Eat your heart out, Mr. Tin-Man!

The treasure trove stored on the wooden boards are priceless. How it bears the weight of all that dust makes no sense to me. Disappointing that I still cannot find my mind. I was hopeful it would be with the rest.
I am certain it will turn up in the last place expected. Our Dreams.
If you see my mind, please return to me. Or keep it for yourself, I no longer seem to mind.

If you cannot find what is mine, you should most certainly find your voice. It is needed now. Time is out.
The heavenly garden is open for now, but you must speak the password to enter.
(The password is silence)
We need all the voices we can find. The trumpets sound, are you prepared to sing along to the chorus?

I found my voice, I will lead the charge. Follow my call, and pickup my tune.
Join in my silence so that I may speak.
If only I had something worthy to say.

I found it! My mind was here, whispering in my ear. Telling me I need to say Nothing
Silence is golden.


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