War Paint

Prompt inspired – “I will always protect you”

“Wake up.
Please wake up.”

My gentle whispers resonate deep within, causing you to stir fitfully. Your consciousness fighting to gain control back from the sleep that envelops you. The stillness provided within the sleep shattered as you race to me. I know you will come back.

You always come when I call. “Wake up. I need you.”
Your eyes open in a flash. Looking all around, gaze clouded in a momentary sea of confusion. I watch it all. My eyes never leave you, never stray. Always so beautiful, even at your lowest. Grace given form, I could sit around watching you endlessly.

Confusion heightens as your eyes drink in the surroundings. Your eyes widen slightly in shock.
Momentary panic sets in when you realize this place is unknown to you. I watch it all occur. My sight never leaving your eyes.

Eyes that at times seem for me alone. Two crystalline orbs reflecting everything taken in. There is so much intelligence in those eyes. So much life, behind those eyes. From that first moment, I could see the world in your eyes. Since that initial time we traded gazes, I saw it. I knew you were to be my world.

You are my everything.

“Over here” I say.
At the sound of my voice, your panic flees. You turn your head towards me, eyes lock with mine.
A smile appears on your face, and I know everything is going to be okay.

In that moment, I feel whole. I feel complete. Willing the universe to bend to my whim, this moment will never end.
The universe has no choice but to oblige. I am unstoppable. With you, I am invincible.

“You’re bleeding” you say to me. Looking down at my body. Sitting up against a rock, clothes dyed a crimson colour. A sanguine tapestry exposing my life out to the world.

You are worried. I can tell. I know, because I am worried too. I cannot bear to see you fear.

“I will be fine, just a few scratches. We crashed down, took a hard landing. Shook me up a little, knocked you out.
Everything is okay now, you are awake. Come to me now, I need you.”

Seeing through my gentle lies, you run over, kneeling by my side. This close, I can smell you. Your aroma a heavenly scented ambrosia. Reminding me of all our shared moments together. I’ll never forget any of them. You and me, frozen eternal together in my memory.

“This is bad. Really bad” you say to me. Hints of tears welling in your eyes. Promises of rain to come.
“I don’t know what we can do, we have no first aid, nothing to stop the bleeding…
you… you will die if we don’t do something!”

“You must be strong” I whisper. “You must live on.”

Anger bristles up, a protective layer around you from the pain. “You Cannot die!! I Won’t let you!”

A tear rolls down my cheek at the pain I know you are in. “There is nothing we can do. I cannot survive this.”

Pleading to me, to the universe.  “Please… I need you.”

I reach a hand out, bloodied red with the waters of my life. Caressing your cheek, my blood gets on your face.
Everything that gives me life, colouring everything that I live for.

A sapphire coloured war-paint, preparing you for the battle that is to come.

I’m sorry. I will always find you, when you call for me. Our memory, eternal, will never die.

“It is my time, there is nothing for it. Though I die, I do so having lived by your side. I can ask for no better life.
If heaven exists, it will be a shadow compared to being with you.
I die with you at my side, I can ask for no better death.
Whatever comes next, you must stay strong. Keep living, keep fighting.
Never surrender. I will always be with you.
Remember our time together, let it be a war paint, so you may put on a brave face.
I will always protect you.

I Love You.”


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