Do You Remember?

Do you remember when we met? It was a cold day. The sun was hiding behind the clouds, the snow was quietly falling. I saw you sitting by the bus. Alone, struggling to keep warm.

I could never forget speaking to you for the first time. You were so friendly, my soul could never get enough of the warm yours radiated out. You smile was brighter than any sun, illuminating everything whose sight it touched. During our first conversation, my heart was loudly flying. I wonder if you heard it; you never hinted that you could.

The time we spent dating, will stay with me forever. The fun that we had seemed to never end. Our evenings together made me wish the days would never end. Months raced by. When I wasn’t with you, time was a blur. In the company of one another, time stood still.

I still recall the exact moment I knew I loved you. Beyond a shadow of any doubt. It was a small thing, yet it changed the entire world, to me. Rushing through the park to the movies; we knew that we were going to be late. You stopped and pointed out the stars that evening. My calls for the tight time schedule went unheeded. We missed that movie. Instead we spent the night watching the stars.

Do you remember when we were married? Our two families together as one. An evening of dancing, and friendship. You looked so beautiful. Nothing had ever been so perfect. I wanted to keep dancing with you forever.

Our life together was blissful. It seemed Fate dealt me the winning hand. Growing old with you was a dream come true. Nothing could ever go wrong. Until that day you were taken away, then the castle collapsed into the sand.

I could never forget the call that I got. Refusing to believe it was true. Stubborn, I was. The reality you were gone never hit me at first. It was at the wake. Seeing you frozen in time, skin an unnatural shade of white. I broke that day. I had to leave, get some air. Be alone with myself. I was selfish. I had left you back in the memorial. Looking so very cold, I’m sorry, I left you all alone.

It’s time for me to go now, I’ve made my peace at last. In this hospital bed, I know my time on this earth is at an end. I’ll be with you again soon. We will never be parted again. Tonight when I see you waiting cold, and alone at that bus stop, I’ll ask you to eternally dance.


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