Selfish Love

Have you ever been in Love?

Do you even know what True Love feels like?

It’s said Love is the mirror of the Self and that other people are reflections of the Soul staring back in the mirror. You Love someone for being funny, because You enjoy laughing, and being happy. You admire a person for their intelligence because they make You push for new intellectual heights. You respect them for their strength and fortitude because they remind You, deep down, how strong you can be and you ARE.

These are all pieces of yourself you look up to and idealize in others. Through love you extend an aspect of yourself into other people; while at the same time, allows you to accept other people as a part of your Self.

The author Robert Heinland wrote a book called Stranger in a Strange Land, He remarks that “Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.”
Ultimately we are all strangers to one another. We all wear masks we are defined by what we do, and how we act. We all live our lives, for the most part, individually with regards to our hopes, and our fears. Each and every one of us are all entirely selfish beings, right down to the most selfless person imaginable.

We are all after our own happiness, chasing after our own dreams, and living our own lives. (or for some of us, living our own dreams, but left forever chasing after our lives). People yearn for a reason to keep moving forward, someone, something… anything.

We search for something to love, whether a person, an animal, an ideal, or a thing, because that love gives us the illusion of a purpose. It creates meaning, and because we are selfish, we crave meaning.

In the end, we become shackled by this selfishness. This idea of who we are, of how we should be, and who you are in relation to who I am. We become chained and restrained in order to keep locked away the pain we feel with the very bonds that have held us back from the beginning. These bonds are illusions, perceptions and deceptions about how things ought to be, and how things are.

What is True Love? Is it the magical fairy tale of a Love that will conquer all and be told throughout the ages? A love that burns so bright it shakes and burns the foundation of the earthly firmament on which we live? People change. Does that love still burn as it once did? When someone falls in love with another person, they are setting themselves up for failure.

Nothing lasts, and if you fall IN love, eventually you fall out of it as well. I’m sure some of you have had bad breakups in the past, or a death of a loved one. As I’m sure you know once the love is gone, whether it is yours or the others, what’s left is pain and suffering.

The Word SIN derives from a Latin word basically meaning ‘guilty’. To commit a sin, is to do a misdeed which causes one to feel guilty and in turn causes pain and suffering from being out of line with one’s own nature. Falling out of love is the biggest SIN of all. Giving up an ex loved one, or not letting go of a departed loved one causes suffering on such a level it can effectively end lives and has led to suicide.

Falling in love is simple; Falling out of love is difficult. From a spiritual or psychological standpoint, falling out of love is essentially turning your back on your Self. In a religious sense, it is to turn your back on God. Regardless of which perspective one takes, it comes down to illusions or delusions and all depends on the perception you have in your mind.

You see, Magic is real, and magic is everywhere in the world. Everything you can see can be magical, because the magic exists only in your mind. Now when I say magic, I’m not referring to some cheap parlour trick involving a rabbit, a hat, and a scantily clad assistant.

There exists one type of magic, which we further separate into two categories. There is black magic, and white magic. White magic is the magic of creation, it is creating illusions and conjuring forth mental images and associations,. When I say don’t think about elephants, some of you will be thinking of elephants. Black magic is magic of destruction, to destroy a pre-existing concept the mind holds. One does not exist without the other.

Words are magical, words hold the power to create, or destroy illusions. A simple example.
If I say that “I read a lot” it might give you the image I am somewhat of an intellectual person.
If I next say “I read only Tabloids and Trashy adult magazines” it may break the previous image, and creates a new, less favourable image in your mind.

As words have power, it is important to select our words carefully. For example, if we look at Falling In and Out of Love, it creates the idea of something external. Something that is outside of your Self, that you submerse yourself IN. It’s like you are a drop of water falling into the ocean of Love. You become swept away and you feel part of something larger, and stronger than a single drop on its own.

Falling in Love is easy because you always were the Ocean, and you’re moving in the direction of how you naturally are. Falling out of love is difficult because it shatters that idea, it moves you away from your natural state.

Because these two phrases create an idea, that love is something external, an ‘other’. Something removed from your Self. Falling out of love causes suffering as a Sin because it implies you are naturally without Love.

Now, most people associate the word SIN with Religion, so let us look at this from a religious perspective. In the Bible, Jesus said “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love”. So hell is a state of mind, or place in which reside those who abandon or turn their backs on God. Hell, simply put is the absence of God, or Love.

Have you ever been in Love? No, you haven’t, and you never will, because you can’t become a part of something that you already ARE. You ARE Love. Always have been, and always will be, from the beginning, until the end. You are Love, as you are Loved, one and the same. What you love is Life, and you are loved only by your Self.

To see the Truth, look to the love you feel for your family, your friends, your partner… Let that love be a mirror to your Self, and you will see that ultimately, what you love in them is merely a reflection about what you love about your Self. Through these feelings you hold to others, you realize you love them because they are merely a part of YOU, and with love, you see the truth, the two of you are one. Each One of us is All.

Though we may all seem lone drops of water, we are all one Ocean.

And that Ocean is True Love.


2 thoughts on “Selfish Love

  1. A bit convoluted to follow, and I’m not buying it in its entirety. I most admire traits in other people that I don’t myself possess; ergo, I’m not admiring myself through my affection for them. Also, saying “Heinlein wrote a book once” is like saying “there was a kid called Harry Potter”. Heinlein was the first author to make sci fi mainstream legit, and the novel Stranger in a Strange Land was a huge part of that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you sincerely Sunny, for your comment and your feedback 🙂

      It is rather convoluted, I do agree with that.
      Where I disagree, with respect; you said “I’m not admiring myself through my affection for them”. It’s not so much admiring yourself through them, as it is revealing and reflecting on yourself. Because you admire these people more for these traits that you do not possess. Your feelings for them becomes shaped with regards to yourself.
      You are defined by what you are, as much as what you are NOT. And you love/admire them for those same reasons. Simply, the ‘why’ you love someone, can tell you more about yourself then it would tell about them.

      And, I agree on the significance of Heinlein; My exact wording is “The author Robert Heinlein wrote a book called…”. I never used the word “once”.
      We both agree my work here is convoluted enough. If I go on a tangent explaining who Robert Heinlein is, or his significance in science-fiction or literary world, the subject would get too far off base. I was trying for brevity for the sake of the subject matter.

      In either case we both have our own opinions. I’m not trying to change yours, so much as make my own more clear. Again, I thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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