Yin Meets Yang

I knew you were the one.

From the first moment we met, I knew there was something special.
It wasn’t love at first sight, as much as it was the early sunrise climbing the horizon behind a rocky spire.
Sitting in the shadow of the mountain, with a stranger in front of me. I was unable to see the sun directly.

But I saw the light given off from you.
I saw the shadow recede as the light grew.
I knew if I were the dark; I would remain forever untouchable for you.

That should have been my moment of clarity. The moment the lightning flashes and I was struck with the truth. Given illuminated sight to see.
I should have known then. How naive of me, for a moment to believe that the dark and the light could ever find harmony united together.

Separate; the two find a balance like the weightings of a scale. One side equal to the other. How I want to find my way over to your side. The balance is fine and only chaos will ensue were my hopeful cravings met. The scale tipped over, I welcome the chaos that would ensue if you were to just come stand by my side.

I am the darkness. Without you, I am alone. The only thing I know is my darkness deep as a hole. A whole lot of nothing.
On the scale next to you, the nothing becomes me. A caterpillar without a cocoon, it changes and the change is complete.
Remaining a caterpillar, it changes into nothing.

The only balance I seek is you with me.
On the mountaintop, we can have dark and light together balanced precariously.
Two mixing until like a person with two legs wearing pants too small; the two of us start busting in the seams.
The light becomes dark, as the dark becomes light. We can find that harmony, it seems. The darkness is inside, the light is without.
Ripping at the seams of me, I can now see. Both are of me.
The scales are level

Projecting on you, I want what I perceive as outside of me.
Funny that the place I look for the light, is where I project it.
I cover the darkness of you, with the light shining from myself.
You are the same. Looking at yourself, it gets confusing when the only light you see is that which the sun is touching.
You cannot see the sun. So you see yourself as in the darkness.
Join me in the truth, and we can make our own harmony.
A love that holds the power of many forces.
The light with the dark; nothing can stop us


Hit the Lights on the Way Out: The Moth

Born is darkness, its body twists and contorts.

Stretching the limits of capability, feeling the new found freedom this body brings. This power has never been felt before. It is intoxicating, this new life. Drinking it all in, the strength is almost too much to bear. What is needed is release. Looking out into the world, there must be found a release, somewhere.

The world wholly black, made up of darkened nothing. The barrage of sounds so loud they are not so much heard, but felt. Deep to the core, the sounds travel. Reverberating through. From both sides the vibrations seep in, clashing together at the center to cause a cacophony as two waves crashing together cause a whirlpool. The undercurrent a discordance of echos that sweeps everything else away. There must be an escape, somewhere.

So cold, as if the vibrations from the thunderous noise that turned themselves into shivers to remind of how cold it is. The memory of warmth forever left behind like a shell broken out from. Would that heat could be found and encased around itself to cocoon itself from the freezing world. Perhaps this world is the cocoon; there must be a way out somewhere.

Time to fly away. Take off and leave everything behind. Find the exit and flee from the cold, run from the sounds.
In the sea of dark, a lone lighthouse appears, shining it’s light outward. Standing tall against the black, it’s promise of warmth inside made visible to all. A path of light to follow. That is the escape.

The deafening rumbles whisper -Go towards the light. That is the way out.-

Closer to the light, the brighter everything gets. The darkness flees. More and more becomes visible.
Closer to the light, the warmer everything becomes. The cold runs away. Hotter and hotter things feel.
Still the sounds shout. Speaking of a silence that could never be. The consistency of the loud vibrating insistence would drive anyone crazy.

Closer, closer the light comes. Can almost touch it. Can almost smell it, taste it.
It is a beautiful Fire burning.

It is glorious. Passing through the light, it gives itself over. The light surrenders.

Everywhere is light now, everything is warm now. Feeling it infuse and take over. Time to become the light.
This cocoon will burn away around. This fire will see to that. Never will know Cold again. Never will know Dark again.
Still the sounds shout out. Ceaseless. Discordant deafening symphony. Only need silence.

Silence, after the escape. The fire is tiring, intoxication. Almost too much to bear.
Doesn’t matter, time to escape this cocoon.

See the outside. Made it out.
It’s too hot, too bright….
it burns.

– silence –

Born is darkness, its body twists and contorts.

The Forests and The Hermit

What we love defines who we are.

The people, places, and things that hold a special place in the heart nest deep inside for so long it appears that they are built into the roots of us. They seem to become us.  Entirely wrapped up in the things we love so much that the self gets lost. Lost deep in the forests of life, you lose your way until one cannot tell any difference between your self, and your love.

How we love shapes who we will become; where we will go. Love is a guiding light; we become a hermit with a lantern. When the forests gets too thick, when the deep foliage blocks out the sun, Love is there to let us see. A shepard leading our path through the forest until we arrive safely at our destination. How do you love?

Do you love freely, do you let the light from your lantern shine all around you to show you all the available paths… Do you set your light free to illuminate a chosen path for you, and guide your steps? Or do you seek to control your love? Do you bind your love with your WIll. directing the light from the lantern in one specific direction that you WANT to take? Is your love a small Sun, shining on everything; is it a flashlight, reflected towards only one thing?

The forest is eternally night, the sun is blocked forever through the canopy of trees above. The natural light is filtered out, and darkness is all that remains. With free love you can be your own Sun, you can bring the dawn with you wherever you go. With bound love, you wander the dark night, with a flashlight. Shining one way, the darkness is left all around you, you will quickly become beset by the monsters of the dark forest.

Everyone has their own forest, on the edge of the forest is a clearing, a field that opens the view up that we may see for miles. A field under the natural Sun of eternal Love. We are looking, we have always been searching for each other. The forest blocks the view all around us. We cannot find you in the forest, so we drive ourselves towards the edge and set sail on a vast ocean of flowers. Destination is the Sun, the source of light, love, and warmth.

Instead, we change destination for the other end of the field, because reflected on the far side of this green sea, is another forest. When we escape our forest, we are driven to the forest You are lost in. You are nowhere to be found on the field. We see that we are the only soul for miles in every direction. It becomes even more lonely than in the forest.

The Journey across the field is a whole other event. Eventually, we make it to your forest. And we enter. We go back inside. We made it out of the forest once, we enter again so that we might find you, guide you out so you may see the bountifulness of the sky and the flowers. So that you might make it to the Sun.

We were lost once, but love led us to the way out. We were free of the forest.

Love led us back in. we become lost as we go into the dark forest once more. This time instead of heading out, we are heading to you. So long as you are lost in the forest, so to will I be.

We will get out together. I would rather wander forever lost in the dark looking for you, than playing alone under the sun in the field. I have my own small Sun, illuminating everything around. I will be safe enough.

I will find you. And we will set sail together for the Sun. I love you, I wouldn’t leave you behind.

The Beginning of Everything, and the Mountain

Begin at the beginning, they say.

In the beginning there was nothing. A void. Existence in perpetual Darkness. Yet the darkness was never alone, because dark is only an absence of light. As nothing is only quantified by a lack of something. Hidden deep within this all encompassing black veil of negative ‘space’ was a lone flame made up of everything. From out of the dark-field of Nothing came a lone flower of Light. The light was always there, as a seed, waiting for its chance to grow. For there could not be darkness without light

The light was always there. Just as nothing can’t exist without something; Darkness is only so relative to the light. the inverse is true as well. The light is only so by grace of the Darkness. These two are inseparable. One might look at light and dark; at everything and nothing, and see two things. This assumption of multiplicity would be a mistake. A misstep on the path to categorically comprehend everything.

These two cannot exist independently, because they are the same, and come from the same source.

So in the beginning there was ONE. One thing, which became two things, which became four things… and it all went downhill from there.

In the beginning there was a mountain of Love, and from the mountain’s existence came a desert at the bottom called hate, and it all went downhill from there. It may sometimes be an uphill battle, we may have lost perspective from being down at the bottom of the mountain, in the desert for so long, yet there is now nowhere to go but up. the climb and the fight to the top is always hard. It’s the difficulty of the journey that gives value to the destination. No goal is worthy unless it is worked for. And the ascent up this impossible Mountain is the most worthy goal. Battling uphill may be a dangerous way to fight, but from the top of the mountain, the view allows One to see everything.

It’s the most unique perspective, to see everything as One.

The Dark, Within

We’ve been fooled all along.

We’ve allowed ourselves to fall so far into delusion we remain unable to escape. Following this white rabbit has only led us into a dark hole that seemingly has no end. We have lost ourselves in the darkness. We got turned around and have completely fallen of the path.

Turning back would be the same as going forward, as at this point we no longer know which way is what. Sitting still is the only way out. Yet because of our hope, we keep pressing on, as we hope and believe we will eventually locate the end of this rabbit hole. Whether we find the beginning, or the end it makes no difference now. The end has become the beginning has become the end. Stillness means death.

We dream of light, of making it forever out of this place.
-Keep Dreaming- you say…

This darkness is pervasive. It is consuming us and becoming us. The more time spend wandering these dark halls; the further we wander this blackened path, the more we relate to the dark.
In the end, we will become it.

Hopes and dreams are the only lights we now have left. Outside all is darkness. The remaining lights only come from within.

Against the all encompassing shadows, even those lights begin to fade. The dark creeps forward, encroaching what little light is left. Slowly, our dreams begin to die. And with the dreams, so to our hopes.

More and more I consider giving up. Giving up is death,
You gave up and I couldn’t see you… couldn’t save you. You were so still, when you died.

Sometimes I feel so alone in this darkness. It’s often hard to believe I’m not, because I know You are with me.
I love you, as I know you loved me.
I find solace in the fact
We love each other.
If nothing else, We can still see that.