Renters Agreement

When was the last time you spoke to me.
Not merely the inane soothsaying of your voice
speaking how your day was, but really communicate

It seems yesterday was over a year away
When we talked together
like two strangers determined to know one another.

The secrets rooms within you revealed some notion of truth,
as though the space of your mind was for rent
and I was in the market for a place with a view

Now my key doesn’t fit. I am left homeless,
You were explicit in your notice of eviction
Am I no longer welcome?

Maybe it was always me.
They say communication is a two-way street
In order to form a connection, one must be able to reciprocate.

Is it to late? I came tell you I’m sorry
For all the words I didn’t say.
Except now you are not listening.
Echoed in the silence between us forms a void
Like the space of where you used to be.


Yin Meets Yang

I knew you were the one.

From the first moment we met, I knew there was something special.
It wasn’t love at first sight, as much as it was the early sunrise climbing the horizon behind a rocky spire.
Sitting in the shadow of the mountain, with a stranger in front of me. I was unable to see the sun directly.

But I saw the light given off from you.
I saw the shadow recede as the light grew.
I knew if I were the dark; I would remain forever untouchable for you.

That should have been my moment of clarity. The moment the lightning flashes and I was struck with the truth. Given illuminated sight to see.
I should have known then. How naive of me, for a moment to believe that the dark and the light could ever find harmony united together.

Separate; the two find a balance like the weightings of a scale. One side equal to the other. How I want to find my way over to your side. The balance is fine and only chaos will ensue were my hopeful cravings met. The scale tipped over, I welcome the chaos that would ensue if you were to just come stand by my side.

I am the darkness. Without you, I am alone. The only thing I know is my darkness deep as a hole. A whole lot of nothing.
On the scale next to you, the nothing becomes me. A caterpillar without a cocoon, it changes and the change is complete.
Remaining a caterpillar, it changes into nothing.

The only balance I seek is you with me.
On the mountaintop, we can have dark and light together balanced precariously.
Two mixing until like a person with two legs wearing pants too small; the two of us start busting in the seams.
The light becomes dark, as the dark becomes light. We can find that harmony, it seems. The darkness is inside, the light is without.
Ripping at the seams of me, I can now see. Both are of me.
The scales are level

Projecting on you, I want what I perceive as outside of me.
Funny that the place I look for the light, is where I project it.
I cover the darkness of you, with the light shining from myself.
You are the same. Looking at yourself, it gets confusing when the only light you see is that which the sun is touching.
You cannot see the sun. So you see yourself as in the darkness.
Join me in the truth, and we can make our own harmony.
A love that holds the power of many forces.
The light with the dark; nothing can stop us

Stay With Me

It was just for one night. Nothing else.
A division in time removed from itself.
No strings attached, only two skins woven one fabric.

The tapestry together we crafted
Unsure whether I prefer the feel of your skin,
Or yours touching mine.

I’ll give in to the night, let the darkness blind.
Gladly giving up sight, since you were my last vision.
We can remove that threads and part ways at the end.

With the sunrise, we will be strangers done dreaming
So come stay with me just for this evening.
This time is finite, so be my friend for a night.

On Wings of Love: A Valentine’s Sonnet

Love gives me wings, that I may touch the Stars.
Through the clouds, into Heaven, makes me Fly
All I have seen, tis of the sweetest Dream.
But Beauty’s sight hath brought me down, to Ground.
Can’t leave Aphrodite behind, till Found
floating down the River’s path, Sunlight’s Stream.
Led by the Heart, indivisible By
All that is, or was, or will be. All Ours.
—-Archer’s Beauty hath Cupid’s Arrow Hurled.
—-Hit Bull’s Eye. Aim’s True; Love can Change the World.

Fate Casting

Runes tell all, no deceit and no lies.

No fate hides from the marked boned eyes

Casting for fate, divination escapes like a weekend fisherman

hides from his life to an aquatic paradise. Sinking the line.

Reeling the catch. Perplexed with the expletive text

What’s next tells all within the runic surprise.

Roll the dice, seal your fate.

Satiate desires of knowing the game.